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Why Organic

A question we often receive is: "Isn't maple syrup already organic?"  It's true that Maple Syrup is a natural product that’s produced directly from the sap generated from a maple tree. However the processes used to refine the sap into syrup is what differentiates between organic and non-organic.
Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) accreditation is voluntary and must be renewed yearly. Having the VOF seal on our product ensures that we have followed their strict set of guidelines including:
-Yearly Inspections of both our sugar house and sugar woods 
-Use of a forest management plan to ensure the health of the woods
-Use of an organic defoamer during the boiling process
-Only tapping larger diameter trees
-Limiting the number of taps per tree based on diameter
These are just a few of the guidelines the VOF has set forth for us. Rest assured that between the VOF's strict guidelines and our care for our craft, you'll receive a delicious and consistent Vermont Organic Maple Syrup every time. Enjoy